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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Hackerslists is an online platform where hackers with the best hacking skills have been selected to help people solve their internet worries.

      At Hackerslists, we are not just blackhat hackers, but also a positive thinking group. What we mean by internet worries are unpleasant relationship situations like infidelity, bitcoin mining scams, DDOS attacks, philshing.

      Hackerslists has been in existence since 2010. We have been operating in the dark net. We were once called fast fingers in darknet.

      At this very moment, because we love challenges, we have expanded to Mobile Hack, Social Media Hack, Email Hack, Database Penetration(Our Specialty), Credit Score Hack, Bitcoin Hack. We also secure hacked servers, retrieve social media accounts, we take back hijacked domains and many more.

      Genuine hacking is not cheap, but not withstanding we try to work on our client’s budget. The minimum price of the least type of hack is 550USD.