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      Hire a Hacker | Why Most Companies Hire a Hacker

      Hire a hacker
      2 Comments Apr 20th, 2020 by admin

      Hire a Hacker | Why Most Companies Hire a Hacker

      Most companies have security related issues in the 21st century, they face data breach and this is when confidential data of the website has been accessed illegally, data breach can be of various categories, illegal copying of a company database, changing of a company admin password, Ransomware, illegal access of company mails, phishing attacks, malware or virus attack, DoS attack and others. There are a lot of reputational damage that comes from been hit by a cyber attack or data breach apart from reputation damage most companies lose money after suffering from data breach by hackers. This is why most companies hire a hacker for penetration and vulnerability testing also known as vulnerability assessment, the main purpose of hiring ethical hackers is to detect and classify security loopholes in the company infrastructure, database or software in order to reduce the probability of a threat.

      Organizations That Has Faced Cyber Attack in the past

      On May 2019, Canva the Australian graphic design tool website reported that they suffered a data breach that exposed all the details of almost half of its  user profile, it has 137 million users profile, imagine a site with a lot of user profiles suffering from Black hat hackers.

      As at May 2014 eBay has 145 million users, eBay was attacked by hackers, the hackers used the credentials of three of their employees to access its network and they had complete access for 229 days. The company made it compulsory for all its users to change their passwords though their financial details were not compromised.

      Other end companies like :

      Google the Silicon Valley establishment hire ethical hacker to protect Google users from the hackers that try penetrating into their firewall from the black hat nation or groups.

      Facebook also been one of the most widely  used online social media platform gets tested by hackers everyday. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook been one of the smartest hire hacker(s) of various color, either white hat, gray hat or any type to protect the data of its users and the platform. The 21 year old Gray hat hacker spent four months in 2011 battling with Sony in the courts. Sony and Hotz settled and Sony forbids him from unauthorized access to any of their products, after George Hotz stint with Sony, Facebook hired him as a developer the same year.

      In 2009 an Australian with the name Ashley Town created the first known iPhone worm. The virus sets the face photo of singer Rick Astley as your Mobile wallpaper. He was quickly hired by mogeneration a developer of app for iPhone in Australia

      The famous kelvin Poulsen breached into FBI computers, and this brought about him been flagged and tracked by the FBI. He was arrested afterwards, he was asked to pay $56,000 fine for all the charges against him with a 5 years in prison judgement.

      Shortage of cyber security experts has made it necessary for wanting companies to continue hiring of hackers. Hackers have a high level of knowledge because most of  the knowledge hackers gain from their exploits gives them a garnished knowledge they can’t  gain from western education. hackers such as Kevin Mitnik served five years in prison for criminal hacking, afterwards he started his own legitimate cyber security consulting firm.

      Should you Hire an Ethical Hacker

      Yes, it’s a good thing to hire hackers, most people think it’s crazy to hire a hacker. It could be a disastrous game for you because you are proned to hackers invasion. Another question for you to ask is how to rent a hacker? You can rent a hacker on Hackers list, this is one of the place you can hire a hacker with no upfront fee. On Hackers list you can hire a white hat hacker for your hack works and on the same basis You can hire a black hat hacker for your hack works.

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